About Training with Community Colleges


Businesses in the Central Valley rely on the Community Colleges which can provide customized training to keep employees current on business and technical skills, increase company efficiency and develop employees to maintain their competitive advantage. Build your workforce’s skills and boost your bottom line. The Deputy Sector Navigator (DSN) can put you in contact with your local college.

Increase productivity with training that is tailored to your employees’ skill level and meets your corporate objectives. Using assessments and working with your management, training will pinpoint the areas needing the most attention.

Expect professional trainers selected for their industry experience and proven instructional skills to educate and motivate your team. They will work with you to develop scenarios related to your business and industry to make the training relevant to employees.

See immediate results as employees put what they learn into practice at work. By training your team together, all of your participating staff will collaborate in implementing the new methods at your company.

Upgrade your employees’ skills, and you will see an improvement in performance that will result in better customer satisfaction, more efficient operations and increased profitability.

Training in project management, customer service, communication and many other topics delivered by the professionals at Community Colleges that can give your employees the tools they need to maximize performance. Training can be customized for your business as well as shared with other local employers to reduce costs.

Maximize performance by calling 559-688-3047, emailing at CentralValleyMfg@cos.edu.